Big Announcement from Gray Scale Services !

Our photography services are being unveiled!  We want to make everything seamless and easy for our agents when ordering measurements and virtual tour photography for their listings.  This month, we have added Carol King’s metro Charlotte real estate photography services to our company and website making it easier than ever to get your listing ready for the internet market.

Pricing starts at $129 and most agents select the value of 24-36 images plus the Virtual Tour at $199.  There are NO storage fees or additional charges for the virtual tour like for both branded and unbranded (MLS) for you.  Aerial shots up to 21 feet can be included as well!  We strive to deliver the images the next business day.

Clients can to order both services with a single visit to the web site.  Carol will call each agent to coordinate the best shooting time for your client and the home.








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