We Want Your Business – Why Choose Us?

When to comes to professionally measuring your new listing, why work with us?


We are trusted to provide true service and value to our Charlotte realtors with home measuring and professional real estate photography …

MLS SUPRA Access – you no longer have to meet us in your hectic schedule.

Easy On-Line Ordering – select the Measuring and/or Photo Package you need and select the best times to come to the home

Quick Turnaround – Usually next business day for home measurements and floor plan (including photo packages too).  Two business days or less.

Selection of Measuring & Photo Options – Choices!  Including Color Floor Plans and Aerial/Dusk Photographs to enhance your listing

Consistent Quality Product – Consistency is key!  Measures you can rely on and Images you can count on to drive internet traffic to your listing.

FaceBook Posts – Once your listing hits MLS, at your option, we will post your new listing, the address, the price, the floorplan and your your agent contact into  on our Facebook site for easy reposting and sharing

We’re Accessible – by text, email and phone when you need us!

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See Our Interactive Virtual Tour for 1715 Funny Cide Drive MLS # 3350007


See Adrienne Priest’s brand new listing here 


Gray Scale Services just completed the measuring/floor plan AND providing the real estate photography for Adrienne Priest with Berkshire Hathaway/Ballantyne.  What a truly gorgeous home!  As the Virtual Tour unfolds, see the image icons on the floorplan show off in what room the photo was taken.  Or click the gallery of photos to identify which room belongs to a photo.  What a great listing tool!

This home is 1715 Funny Cide Drive in Providence Downs South.  It is MLS #3350007 in Providence Downs South.  For more info contact Adrienne Priest at Adrienne.Priest@bsh.com.

Click here as we are pleased to present the Virtual Tour!

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Pricing Revisions

I want to sincerely thank each of my clients for being such loyal and consistent customers.   Your satisfaction is very important to us, and we take pride in maintaining  excellent customer service and superior products.  

We just introduced our metro Charlotte real estate photography services.  Beginning February 1, 2018 we will be adjusting our pricing structure with minimal revisions.  Many of our packages will remain the same with only a few adjustments to others.  By adjusting our pricing more accurately, we are able to continue our quick turn around service, expand our team and make room for some great new services coming your way.

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Charlotte Real Estate Photography – The ALL IMPORTANT Entry Shot

Warmth …….. we want to convey warmth and that “welcoming” feeling with the real estate photography of the home’s entrance or foyer.  Often this is one of the first images the agent chooses to place in order of appearance after the exterior front shot of the home or condo in MLS, Zillow and other online portals.

Having the entrance area free of clutter is a huge part of the process.  Any and all lighting in the home that we can have turned on adds to the ambiance of the shot.  Staircases suggest there is a lot more to see.

Have your sellers keep this in mind as they prep for the hour plus of photography – never over look the all importance interior entrance of the home shot as the welcome home photograph.  See more on our portfolio page …..

Call today or email us to schedule your next Charlotte area real estate photography  shoot… Carol@ThinkGrayScale.com

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Happy New Year!!! Here’s To A Successful 2018!



Happy New Year from Gray Scale Services!


We wish you much health, happiness and another great year for Charlotte area real estate business!  Let us know how we can help get your clients where they want to go with our home measuring and floorplan services or our Charlotte area professional real estate photography.

Happy 2018!  Let’s make this another great year together!


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Connect Your Virtual Tour Directly To Your Home Measurement Floor Plan


Buyers love it and agents love it more.  And it’s FREE!

Images available on your virtual tour are now available tagged to each room on your floor plan.  The viewer can click each camera icon to see the accompanying image of that room –  a service provided FREE for our agents when ordering Gray Scale Services for home measuring and real estate photography when ordered together on our www.ThinkGrayScale.com web site.

When Gray Scale Services does a professional floorplan, the plan is forwarded to the Gray Scale Service Photo group who then tags each room to the individual image from the tour and then posts this floor plan to the virtual tour’s front page.  Click here to take it for a ride and see….

What a great marketing tool!  When you get the virtual tour in your photo shoot package, it comes up as the first image if the viewer desires to interact with it.

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Charlotte Home Measuring – Next Day Turnaround!



As the housing market inventory continues to drop, agents are being pushed harder than ever to get their listings on the market as soon as possible. There is a mad scramble to collect all of the required information needed from the seller and get it posted to MLS with professional real estate photos and home measuring.

Your time as an agent is very valuable and we know you don’t have time to wait for your floor plans. Let Gray Scale Services take the time to measure your listings so that you can spend more of your time with buyers and sellers.

We save you time, we will also have the floor plans to you the following business day after we measure as we can the custom real estate photography and Virtual Tour.

We our service is to you the realtor – getting you the information and marketing tools needed to move forward as quickly as possible.

Call Alexis today with any questions or go online to schedule a time for our Charlotte home measuring services or real estate photography.

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Merry Christmas from GrayScale Services!

As we conclude this great first year for our new business, we have you, our clients to thank entirely for our success. We appreciate each and every one of you, and strive to make the services that we provide increasingly better. This time of year is one of reflection and gratitude. We want to relay our thanks this holiday season but also wish one and all a very Happy Holiday Season.

We wish you health and happiness and if you are traveling this holiday season, safe travels……

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Alexis Gray

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Get an Early Jump on 2018 ….


December is time for agents to look back, to tweak business plans for the upcoming year and to frankly take a breather before the pace begins anew in January.  We salute 2017 as a great year for Charlotte real estate, our agent clients and for our growing company.

Get a jump on your January listings this month!  Schedule a surrounding area or metro Charlotte home measurement floor plan for your upcoming listings in the Charlotte area now and take full advantage of pre-January activity.  Schedule online or email Alexis to discuss times at Alexis@ThinkGrayScale.com today.

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Big Announcement from Gray Scale Services !

Our photography services are being unveiled!  We want to make everything seamless and easy for our agents when ordering measurements and virtual tour photography for their listings.  This month, we have added Carol King’s metro Charlotte real estate photography services to our company and website making it easier than ever to get your listing ready for the internet market.

Pricing starts at $129 and most agents select the value of 24-36 images plus the Virtual Tour at $199.  There are NO storage fees or additional charges for the virtual tour like for both branded and unbranded (MLS) for you.  Aerial shots up to 21 feet can be included as well!  We strive to deliver the images the next business day.

Clients can to order both services with a single visit to the ThinkGrayScale.com web site.  Carol will call each agent to coordinate the best shooting time for your client and the home.








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