“Help! “Why Does My Measurement Not Match The Tax Records?”


This is a question I commonly hear especially from new agents that have yet to have crossed this bridge in agent training…. And I wanted to review it for everyone.

Tax records are entered based on the drawings of the architectural firm which once built, may or may not be correct. Those figures are then often entered into MLS by the developer or maybe not ever listed. Developers are not held to the same standard that real estate agents are in their “check and check again” processes. Developers often include unheated square footage as “heated” without verification.

When resale day does come, sellers and their agents can be disappointed if no expectations were set initially.  If the home is the first resale the expectation should be set that there may be a variance.  Having the home measured is not only good business, but it reduces or eliminates the agent’s liability.

Providing a floorplan for potential buyers to visualize furnishings or new home additions is a huge bonus to both buyer and seller. In truth, very few measurements ever match the tax records as appraisers can attest to.

Which Floor Plan is Right for You?

For some time, the only floor plan option available to agents was an appraisal; a basic plan showing only exterior walls, no detail, and general dimensions. Gray Scale Services strives to disrupt the basic appraisal floor plan and provide agents with a plan that can be used as a marketing material and buyers with a vision of their future.

Our most basic plan, and most popular floor plan, is the Better Package which provides a visual of the room layout. This allows the buyer to see how each room relates to another and begin to visualize how they can utilize each space to fit their needs. Our Best Package elevates the floor plan even further by adding in another level of detail with doors, windows, casework and plumbing. This floor plan allows the buyer to see where all elements are located so that they can begin to visualize furniture placement and how they will move about each space.

At Gray Scale Services we strive to elevate our plans and think outside of the box providing you with materials and resources that will help set you apart in your marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions


Scheduling Questions: 

Scheduling times are located at the top of the Cart and Checkout pages on the website. These are updated frequently. Please view the notification when placing an order. If you have a scheduling question, email is the best form of communication. Please leave the address and preferred date and I will get in touch with you typically in the afternoon.

Pricing and Orders: 

Please visit the website for all pricing, package types and to place an order.

Service Areas: 

Please see the Out of Area Measuring Packages page for our Service Area. If I am able to group you in with another property located in the same area, I will waive the Area Fee. If I am unable to group you with another measurement, you will be assessed the additional fee.

Best Way to Contact Me:
A. 8:00am-3:00pm: By text as I’m out measuring and it’s difficult to answer the phone.
B. After 3:00pm: In most cases I’m available to take phone calls.
D. If you call and I am unable to answer, please leave a voicemail. I will return your call when available.

Confirmation of Appointment:

Once your order is received, you will receive an email (typically in the afternoon) with a date and time to confirm the appointment.

Preferred Date and Date Needed:

Please enter a date for the preferred date and date needed. “First Available” and “ASAP” aren’t helpful with scheduling as scheduling is already done on a first come first serve basis.

Vacant vs. Occupied:

Please enter “Vacant” if no one is currently living at the property. This helps with scheduling.

Preferred Time:

If there is not a preferred time, please enter “anytime.” If there is a situation in which your client has to take their children to school, or if it is an elderly couple who needs more time in the mornings to get ready, please suggest an appropriate time. I do understand that people are busy and I try to accommodate your requests, however there may be instances when it may not always work out, but I do try.


There is a “Notes” section on the checkout form. Please enter any pertinent information here such as if there are pets in the home; “Please do not leave cat out” or “Dog crated in the kitchen,” etc. Any security information such as a gate code or alarm instructions. Location of the Supra/Lockbox or hidden key if not visible on the front door. Anything that I may need to know when accessing the property.


I take security very seriously. I am very cautious to secure the property when I leave. I will lock ALL doors to the home upon exit. If a door needs to be left cracked open for a pet or a garage door left unlocked, please indicate so in the Notes section of the checkout form.

Supra Access / Lockbox:

I do have Supra access. If there is a lockbox or supra access and I do not need to be at the property at a certain time, it is easier to schedule than if someone needs to meet me there.

Measuring Method:

My method of measuring is different than most. I am not a quick in and out. I average 45 mins per 2000 sf. This allows for me to do the majority of the plan while at the property, greatly limiting the chances for mistakes. The more open the floor plan, the less time it takes, the more walls or angles, the longer it takes.

Floor Plans:

A sum of the Heated Living Area is provided, and the square footage of the Unheated/Unfinished or Porch/Patio/Deck square footage is listed in each space on the plan. The majority of the time agents are happy with the plans that they are given, however each agent is different in their needs. If you should need a room name revised, or have a small special request, please let me know, and in most instances I am able to work with you.

I understand the desire to have everything done at once. It saves the agent time and it limits the disruptions to your clients. However, please do not schedule me at the same time as the painters. I do measure with a laser measure and if there is wet paint on the walls, I am unable to place it against the wall without messing up your client’s new paint.

Recently Revised Service Area June 2017

Gray Scale Services has recently revised our Service Area. We are accommodating more requests for areas such as Lake Norman, Gastonia and Rock Hill. However, with the expanded service area comes increased travel times. Please review the Service Area Map to determine if a travel fee will be assessed with your order.

If your property is located in the Yellow service area, please include the $29 travel fee with your order. If your property is located in the Orange service area, please include the $49 travel fee with your order. The Yellow and Orange service options are located under “Measuring Packages” tab at the top of the home page, and at the bottom of the list the “Out of Area Measuring Packages.”

Please include the appropriate service area option with your order so there is no delay in scheduling your measurement.


Square Footage Is Important, But You Can Have So Much More!


Square footage is important when listing a property.  Agents have a duty to provide their clients with accurate information.  The North Carolina Real Estate Commission even has it’s own Square Footage Guidelines.   While Gray Scale Services is about giving you peace of mind as an agent knowing that the measurements you receive are the most accurate that you can have, we also aim to provide our clients with so much more.



Most people do not have the ability to visualize a home based off of photographs alone.  Gray Scale Services provides you with the marketing edge that allows buyers to visualize the space more easily.  Once people see a floor plan, it has a positive effect.  Potential buyers are able to see the flow of the house and how each room relates to another.  This is why we not only provide you with the pertinent square footage that you need, but we also provide you with a clean, graphically readable floor plan at the same time.  Charlotte area realtors call Alexis Gray at Grayscale Services for measuring in the Charlotte NC area.

Gray Scale Services Online Ordering

Our online ordering ….  It’s quick and it’s easy!!

While we DO appreciate one on one connection and the value of personal service, it is sometimes hard to accomplish when you are working hard to provide a quick turnaround service. We are not always able to answer the phone while concentrating on measuring, nor are we able to reply to a text while driving from Charlotte to Rock Hill or from Cornelius to Monroe. We may miss information while answering a call, or write down important information incorrectly, thus delaying our service to you.

Once you place your order online, we will review our schedule and respond back to you by your preferred method of contact as quickly as possible. This allows us to contact you once to confirm the appointment and gain any other information that we may need, saving us and you valuable time. Gray Scale Services strives to provide you with the best possible service that we can, and the online ordering is an important component to that service.

We are grateful real estate agents in Charlotte trust us for their home measuring.

Thank You Charlotte Real Estate Agents

 Thank you!!! I wanted to take time to sincerely thank the many agents (Charlotte and surrounding areas) who have given Gray Scale Services the opportunity to meet their measuring needs. We truly appreciate your business and we’re grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. Many are becoming repeat customers and that shows that we are working hard to meet your time needs and expectations.

Many agents have shared testimonials about us with their fellow agents and we are most appreciative!  They continue to express and spread the news about Gray Scale Services to their co-workers. I’m enjoying meeting and speaking with everyone and it has truly been a wonderful beginning to this new venture.  We hope to have the pleasure of doing business with you for many years to come.  Thanks again!

We have MLS Access! We have Supra Key Access!

While having the architectural knowledge is foremost as a measuring services company, we also feel that having an understanding of real estate itself makes us more than well rounded.  We are pleased to announce that Alexis Gray has her North Carolina Broker License.   We have MLS/Supra access.

We felt it was important to have an understanding of what you do on a daily basis, and understand the rules and regulations that you have to adhere to.   Knowing we have our NC Broker License adhering to the same standards of trust, care, and confidence that you do will set your mind at ease as to who you are sending to your properties.

Having MLS access a great benefit to you as it allows us access to the property without you having to spend your valuable time traveling to meet us and wait at the property while we measure.  You can spend more of your time meeting with buyers and sellers!  Call Alexis today or visit www.thinkgrayscale.com for Charlotte area professional real estate measuring.


Real Estate Measuring: Why GrayScale Services Is Different


At Gray Scale Services, our architectural knowledge and background provides us with a different approach to measuring real estate.  Our years of experience provides us with an intuition of how a building is laid out and allows us to have a knowledge of construction techniques and material dimensions that affects a floor plan.  We use our knowledge of standard dimensions of studs, windows, doors, cabinets, clearance requirements etc. to our benefit when laying out the floor plan.  Knowing what to look for and how spaces typically relate to each other allows us to work more diligently and accurately when measuring.

When you need a home professionally measured in the Charlotte area, we hope you will think Gray Scale Services  …. www.thinkgrayscale.com.   At Gray Scale Services, we truly work hard to make your experience with us more convenient and pleasurable.


You Need It – We HAVE IT – SuperQuick Measuring Turnaround

Gray Scale Services provides Charlotte area real estate agents with a quick turnaround service.

We are able to get to the property within a couple of days of placing your order.   In most cases provide the floor plan to you the same day as when we measure.   In order to do this, the best way to place an order with us is to do it online through our website www.thinkgrayscale.com.  By filling out the form, you are providing us with the imperative information that we need as quickly and easily as possible.

Order today, have it tomorrow.   Order online for fastest service!