Charlotte Home Measuring – Next Day Turnaround!



As the housing market inventory continues to drop, agents are being pushed harder than ever to get their listings on the market as soon as possible. There is a mad scramble to collect all of the required information needed from the seller and get it posted to MLS with professional real estate photos and home measuring.

Your time as an agent is very valuable and we know you don’t have time to wait for your floor plans. Let Gray Scale Services take the time to measure your listings so that you can spend more of your time with buyers and sellers.

We save you time, we will also have the floor plans to you the following business day after we measure as we can the custom real estate photography and Virtual Tour.

We our service is to you the realtor – getting you the information and marketing tools needed to move forward as quickly as possible.

Call Alexis today with any questions or go online to schedule a time for our Charlotte home measuring services or real estate photography.

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