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Gray Scale Services provides professional real estate photography in Charlotte NC. In the article below by – note that professionals recommend hiring a professional photographer to photograph your listings whenever possible!

professional real estate photography in Charlotte nc

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Whenever Possible, Hire a Professional Listing Photographer

We think Sunny Lake Hahn, Partner at 7DS Associates, the most well respected (and trusted) real estate consulting firm in the country explained it best:

“Professional photographers understand the importance of light and how to capture a space at the right time for the highest visual impact. Based on the position of the property, they know if it’s best to shoot at sunrise, sunset, or anywhere in between. They also have the ability to blend the same photo taken with different exposures to create the perfect image.”

Even more in our digital, mobile world professional photographs have the ability to stop the consumer from scrolling through listings. Beautiful images capture attention and get people to click through. Being able to get and keep the consumer’s attention is highly valuable in our instant-gratification world.

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Gray Scale Services provides professional home measurements with floor plans and professional real estate photography in Charlotte NC.  We have next business day delivery for measuring. Furthermore, most of our real estate photography and virtual tour clients area receive their photo shoots back no later than the second business day.  How can we also help you? Check us out at

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