Which Floor Plan is Right for You?

For some time, the only floor plan option available to agents was an appraisal; a basic plan showing only exterior walls, no detail, and general dimensions. Gray Scale Services strives to disrupt the basic appraisal floor plan and provide agents with a plan that can be used as a marketing material and buyers with a vision of their future.

Our most basic plan, and most popular floor plan, is the Better Package which provides a visual of the room layout. This allows the buyer to see how each room relates to another and begin to visualize how they can utilize each space to fit their needs. Our Best Package elevates the floor plan even further by adding in another level of detail with doors, windows, casework and plumbing. This floor plan allows the buyer to see where all elements are located so that they can begin to visualize furniture placement and how they will move about each space.

At Gray Scale Services we strive to elevate our plans and think outside of the box providing you with materials and resources that will help set you apart in your marketing strategy.

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By Alexis Gray | Posted in Updates | Comments Off on Which Floor Plan is Right for You?