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Gray Scale Real Estate Photography – Why Is That First Image So Important?


Why is that primary image so important?

Charlotte’s MLS allows for up to 24 images per listing providing blocks for each of those 24 uploads for the listing.  They allow the agent or agency to designate which image of the 24 is the “first” or primary image.

MLS allows for an “unbranded” virtual tour link which can host limitless images in a slideshow format.  But regardless of how many images the agent desires to post, the first one featured reigns supreme.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your primary real estate photo is worth two thousand.  With most of our wantabe buyers filters through dozens of new listings for their potential new home daily, we have literally seconds to command their attention nad it best be good.

Gray Scale Services Real Estate Photography gives each and every photo custom editing with special emphasis on the primary image.  Although the agent is given several options for a front or primary image, special attention to detail and color is given to this group.  The image must “pop” from the page to create interest.

Online views create showings, and showing create offers.  It all start with the primary photo.  Call Carol at 704 953-6128 or Alexis or text us today to schedule your next photo shoot in the Charlotte area.

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