Gray Scale Services is a Zillow Certified Photographer

This is a Zillow Certified Photographer Logo to indicate that Gray Scale Services is now a Zillow Certified Photographer.Gray Scale Services is happy to announce that that we are a Zillow Certified Photographer. We love giving our clients a competitive advantage by adding a Zillow Video Walkthrough or the Zillow 3D Home Virtual Tour! These added options provide sellers with a powerful online marketing tool by increasing exposure and grabbing a buyer’s attention. Furthermore, these features give the buyer an inside look of the layout by virtually walking through the home.

Both the Video Walkthrough and the 3D Home Tour can be quickly added to your Measuring and Photography orders on our website. Therefore this will make it easier than ever to get your listing ready for the internet market. Clients can order all services with a single visit to the web site.

“What is a Zillow Certified Photographer? Visit our Zillow Certified Photographer Guidelines for details.”

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By Alexis Gray | Posted in Updates | Comments Off on Gray Scale Services is a Zillow Certified Photographer