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At Gray Scale photography services, we are able to capture the beauty of your properties from different angles and perspectives. Our team of photographers has been in the business for a combined total of 20 years.

This week we are featuring the coziness of fireplaces in the home and how they add character to your listing.  Prospective buyers want a home they can see themselves living in, entertaining in and creating life’s special moments in.

First, we start off our fireplace feature with a beautifully decorated scene for the holidays.  Staging your home for the holidays can be tricky but this fireplace, however, makes the task easier. This fireplace is perfectly situated to create an inviting space for all.  Potential homeowners can see themselves near the fire stuffing stockings or watching their children play outdoors by the tree at the window.

Decorated Christmas room with a beautiful fir tree.

Secondly, in this photo, the fireplace is used to create an inviting exterior area for sipping a cup of tea or reading your favorite book.  In this busy world, a seat by the fireplace can bring a sense of tranquility and balance. Also, an image like this will make potential buyers envision entertaining family and friends year-round.

Gray Scale Photography Services

Gray Scale Photography Services. Charlotte, NC outdoor fireplace.

Visit our portfolio to see more of our magazine-quality work.  We strive to return your images two business days after your shoot because we know time is of the essence.  Gray Scale Services offers a number of services for your property in the greater Charlotte area.  Contact us today to learn more by calling (704) 970-4111, or emailing us at!

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