Why Is Home Measuring Important Anyway?

Real estate agents are responsible to attest to the square footage numbers they represent to buyers in MLS and in other advertising media. Most realtors do not want the liability or work involved to measure the home themselves. Tax records are vulnerable to being incorrect. The penalty for misrepresenting square footage can be stiff.

For sellers, you want the most you can derive from your asset, your real estate investment
Buyers want and need to know what they are paying for. Pricing today rides on dollars per square foot often as a benchmark. Buyers also LOVE floor plans they can play with in their spare hours determining where furnishings will be placed, etc.

If a home in the Charlotte area appraises for an average of $125 per heated square foot on a 1200 s.f home and there is a mistake of 50 square feet represented, that equates to $3,750. No one wants that kind of mistake to deal with. Much easier to be sure.  Call Alexis Gray today at Grayscale Services for your next Charlotte area home measurement.  

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