Let Gray Scale Services take you on a tour!
Social media runs the world and there’s been an explosion of growth in video. Video is and will continue to be the number one traffic generating source for businesses.  How does that play into your real estate business and sales? More importantly, how can you include video and virtual tour services with your listings to increase visibility?  That’s where we come in.
Gray Scale Services is one of Charlotte’s only real estate measuring and photography service companies. We started our business by taking our love for and experience in architecture and combined it with our love for photography.  To separate ourselves from the competition even more, we added Zillow virtual tours to our service offerings.  Why? Gray Scale Services recognizes the trends, benefits and results of adding 3D and Video Tours to your property listing.
Gray Scale Service 3D Tour

Gray Scale Services 3D Home Tour

The Trend

The younger generations gravitate to the new technologies and what they are familiar with, what they hear from others. The reality is that first time home buyers are people in their 20s and 30s. These are people who are prime to be purchasing a home, and they go straight to the internet, to Zillow, to look for a new home. That is what they are familiar with, what is easiest for them.

The Benefits

There are numerous properties listed on Zillow but yours can be one of the top listed by adding a Tour.  Adding a Zillow 3D Home Tour or a Zillow Video Walkthrough Tour to your listing will give you an added edge.  Additionally, Tours let potential buyers virtually walk through the home’s layout giving sellers a powerful marketing tool.  As a result, the listings in Zillow with an added 3D or Walkthrough Tour get priority in search results. You will be at the top of the list giving your sellers more exposure over those that do not have Tours.

The Results

We have personally experienced a client with a listing that spent weeks on Zillow with very little interest. When they added the 3D Tour to that listing, there were more clicks, more interest in a week than there was in the previous 3 weeks. Why? Because all of a sudden the property was showing in the top 3 search results giving the listing more exposure and the property was under contract in that first week with an added help of a 3D Tour.
Gray Scale Services Virtual Tour

Gray Scale Services Interactive Virtual Tour

Step Outside the Box

We understand there can be many reservations when something new is introduced. One can hesitate with the unfamiliar. We hear from Agents every day that they don’t like something for a particular reason, or they are “old school” and don’t want to leave their comfort zone to grasp new technologies. What if it could help you increase your search results or bring you to the top of the list?
What if it were a benefit to you, would you use it then? Regardless if you are a fan or not, or if you are “old school,” as an Agent, you need to get your listing seen by those who are looking for a home and Zillow is where your market is. We are Zillow Certified and know what will give you the advantage and move your property quicker than those not using the service.
Not everyone is aware of this little tip, but we want our clients to have this advantage.
Take a moment to look at our gallery showing a Virtual Tour, our photography services and the measuring packages available.  We have everything you need to make sure your listing is at the top of the search results when millennials start the home buying process.
Click here and let us take you on a tour, and schedule your tour with Gray Scale Services.
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