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Just What Is Magazine Style Photography and Why Is Important to You …..

Many agents employ a photo service who quickly are in and out of a home and deliver images if not the most stellar quality.  Quality is paramount with Gray Scale.   After all, it is all about clicks and showing appointment traffic.  We have milliseconds to sway a potential buyer to the beauty of a landscape or room. Read on to learn more about how we can provide you with quality magazine style photography of your listings!

We concentrate on room angles, camera height, professional lighting equipment and the magic of blending to customize each shot in photo software to produce the “have to have” images.  No more blown out windows or over exposed windows.  This is magazine style photography.

Our images strive to show what is outside and bring it in.  Visit our portfolio to learn more about our real estate photography and professional measuring services for the greater Charlotte area.

Most shoots can be arranged quickly to meet your schedule.  We strive to deliver the images within two business days.  We offer virtual tours, Zillow Video Walkthroughs, Zillow 3D Tours, and YouTube video links for your YouTube channels.  Need to know more?  Call us today at (704) 970-4111.

Magazine Quality Photography - Corner shot overlooking dining room, entryway, kitchen, and living room.


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