Measuring Your Next Listing – Agent’s Aid and Marketing Tool

Most homeowners or sellers in today’s market have never experienced having their home measured unless they have sold a home in the past several years.   Professional home measuring including detailed floor plans which assists the listing agent on several levels.  The seller client is aware that the agent is putting his or her best marketing tools in effect with the attractive floor plan and attention grabbing real estate photography.  And as agents, we want to confirm exact square footage without risk of any surprises during the transaction.

The homeowner can expect us to be at the home on time.  We usually start inside upstairs and work our way downstairs, room by room.  Lastly we will work on the exterior of the home.  Our process will take a minimum of an hour and up to several hours for larger homes.   If we have totals at the end of the on site process that need rechecking, we have the ability to double check on site rather than a second trip back.

We serve the greater Charlotte area with our professional measuring services.  Our goal is to have your measured floor plan back the next business day.


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By Alexis Gray | Posted in Measuring FYI | Comments Off on Measuring Your Next Listing – Agent’s Aid and Marketing Tool