We have MLS Access! We have Supra Key Access!

While having the architectural knowledge is foremost as a measuring services company, we also feel that having an understanding of real estate itself makes us more than well rounded.  We are pleased to announce that Alexis Gray has her North Carolina Broker License.   We have MLS/Supra access.

We felt it was important to have an understanding of what you do on a daily basis, and understand the rules and regulations that you have to adhere to.   Knowing we have our NC Broker License adhering to the same standards of trust, care, and confidence that you do will set your mind at ease as to who you are sending to your properties.

Having MLS access a great benefit to you as it allows us access to the property without you having to spend your valuable time traveling to meet us and wait at the property while we measure.  You can spend more of your time meeting with buyers and sellers!  Call Alexis today or visit www.thinkgrayscale.com for Charlotte area professional real estate measuring.


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