Real Estate Measuring: Why GrayScale Services Is Different


At Gray Scale Services, our architectural knowledge and background provides us with a different approach to measuring real estate.

It’s in the details…..

Our years of experience provides us with an intuition of how a building is laid out and allows us to have a knowledge of construction techniques and material dimensions that affects a floor plan.  We use our knowledge of standard dimensions of studs, windows, doors, cabinets, clearance requirements etc. to our benefit when laying out the floor plan.  Knowing what to look for and how spaces typically relate to each other allows us to work more diligently and accurately when measuring.

When you need a home professionally measured in the Charlotte area, we hope you will think Gray Scale Services  ….    For the convenience of our realtors, we have MLS access. At Gray Scale Services, we truly work hard to make your experience with us more convenient and pleasurable.


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