Real Estate Photography Aids Charlotte Rental Listings Too



Our 15 image package is PERFECT for this use!

Many companies and agents take iPhone pictures of their rental listings when marketed.  Dark images with very little curb appeal.

We recently photographed a gorgeous furnished condo. The views out the window were not anything but rooftop so we concentrated on the interior of this 546 s.f. condo.  Kitchens and baths sell houses and rent homes so with that in mind we focused on the finishes in the condo which is in a fantastic convenient location.

Rental homes which use professional photos get more online traffic an produce more showings.

More showings = more opportunities to rent or sell.

Gray Scale Services Real Estate Photography gives each and every photo custom editing with special emphasis on the primary image.  Although the agent is given several options for a front or primary image, special attention to detail and color is given to this group.  The image must “pop” from the page to create interest.

Online views create showings, and showings create offers.  It all starts with the primary photo.  Call, text or email us today to schedule your next photo shoot and/ or home measurement in the Charlotte and surrounding areas.

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