Square Footage Is Important, But You Can Have So Much More!


Square footage is important when listing a property.  Agents have a duty to provide their clients with accurate information.  The North Carolina Real Estate Commission even has it’s own Square Footage Guidelines.   While Gray Scale Services is about giving you peace of mind as an agent knowing that the measurements you receive are the most accurate that you can have, we also aim to provide our clients with so much more.



Most people do not have the ability to visualize a home based off of photographs alone.  Gray Scale Services provides you with the marketing edge that allows buyers to visualize the space more easily.  Once people see a floor plan, it has a positive effect.  Potential buyers are able to see the flow of the house and how each room relates to another.  This is why we not only provide you with the pertinent square footage that you need, but we also provide you with a clean, graphically readable floor plan at the same time.  Charlotte area realtors call Alexis Gray at Grayscale Services for measuring in the Charlotte NC area.

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