The Floor Plan Can Be An Agent’s Secret Weapon

Local Charlotte area real estate agents have homes measured to insure they are reporting on MLS the correct square footage.  The agent is liable if a previous measurement or the information from the tax records is incorrect.

Smart agents know that a floor plan is a bullet in the gun of their marketing plan.  A Floor Plan from Gray Scale Services provides both accurate measurements and the ability to draw in kitchen counters, doors, staircases, windows in the home, bathroom and closet features, etc.  It can be uploaded to MLS and/or shown on other home marketing websites.

An interactive floor plan from Gray Scale Services includes the real estate photography to connect those room images to the floor plan for an enhanced experience for the potential home buyer.  With everything online today, take advantage of what new technology we have available.

See the link below for the interactive photo floor plan:

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By Alexis Gray | Posted in Updates | Comments Off on The Floor Plan Can Be An Agent’s Secret Weapon