Why Use A Professional Real Estate Photographer?

Professional real estate photographer is Gray Scale Services. Image is a straight on shot of a dining room with a view of two white built in cabinets on either side of the window on the far wall. The table is an oval-rectangular shape and has one grey-colored covered chair on each side of the table. The walls are a pale yellow on the upper half with white wainscoting on the lower half, and floors are hardwood..

Photos are the most useful tool for buyers who are investigating properties. Studies have shown that 98% of buyers are viewing listings online and are judging whether or not to visit a property based on the listing photos. Homes that use professional photography for their listings on average sell for $3,400 more and sell 50% faster than those listings with standard photos.

As an agent, you have many tasks and you want to be able to prove to your sellers that you’re worth your commission. Save your valuable time! On average, it can take 2-10+ hours to create amazing photos. Hiring Gray Scale Services will free up your time and you can trust us to create amazing photos. These photos will represent your brand and who you are as an agent. If the photos look amazing, then you look amazing!

Professional real estate photographer is Gray Scale Services. Image is of a large master bedroom with grey walls, white ceiling, laminate hardwood floors, two windows on either side of the bed, and sliding glass door that leads to the second story porch.If a home looks great, then the perceived value of the buyer goes up which makes the home more in demand. Also, the more foot-traffic you get means more chances of your home getting sold. Get more traffic through the doors in a short amount of time and your listing will naturally sell quicker.

Spending a little extra money for amazing real estate photos will more than pay for itself in the long run and is sure to create customers who are advocates for your service.

Interested in our services?

Most of our photo-shoots can be arranged quickly to meet your schedule.  We strive to deliver the images within two business days.  Our service offerings include virtual slideshow tours and Zillow Video Walkthroughs.

Visit our portfolio to learn more about our real estate photography and professional measuring services for the greater Charlotte, NC area.  Ready to book your shoot? Need to know more?  Call us today at (704) 970-4111.

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